Engineering charges

Pricing information for our engineering works.

Apple works in our workshop(1)

iOS works on iPhone and iPads(2)
Workshop hourly rate(3)
£62.50 per hour
Documentation for 3rd parties(4)
£33.33 per document

Engineering services

Remote works
£62.50 per hour
Workstation or consultation works
£495 per day
Server works(5)
£795 per day

Time and Materials works

Same day service (within 8 working hours)(6)
Level 1: £295.00 & £75 per hour
Next day service (within 16 working hours)(6)
Level 2: £175.00 & £75 per hour
Basic T&M service (in excess of 16 working hours)(6)
Level 3: £95.00 & £62.50 per hour

Time and Materials works are available for non-contract clients by completing our downloadable form. Booking is subject to availability and times will not be guaranteed as contract clients will take priority. So any appointments are only given as a guide.

With Time and Materials clients we allow up to 1 hour of travel time within the call out fee(6), where the journey to your premises is shorter than 1 hour the balance of the travel time will be used as engineering time. If the travel time to your premises exceeds 1 hour then you will be charged at the hourly rate for the level of service that you have chosen in the form.

Download Time and Materials works request form [PDF]

  • All pricings are ex-VAT and are for Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm.
  • Prepayment will always be requested for works for non-contract clients.

Noted items

  • (1) Ad hoc pricing and quoted per job based on the rates shown.
  • (2) This allows our engineer 15 minutes to attempt a fix any iOS issue. A fix cannot be guaranteed.
  • (3) Minimum 1 hour charge and then in 30 minute increments.
  • (4) When a client requires a quotation document to present to a 3rd party, such as an insurance company etc.
  • (5) On premise, Internet hosted or Cloud Server works including but not limited to file sharing, email or SAAS servers.
  • (6) With Time and Materials clients we allow up to 1 hour of travel time within the call out fee.