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Outsource your IT to our team of professionals and choose from a range of VIP packages that completely take the stress of IT management away.

We can install, run and maintain all your IT services to ensure your business performs at maximum efficiency.

Whether you want to outsource your IT entirely, contract out only specific segments, or you just need extra support when your in-house team is stretched, you can rely on our on-site engineers to integrate seamlessly into your business.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the industry, from Windows servers and wifi mapping, to network topology and Microsoft Systems.

Image of an engineer working on a server rack

We are experts in repairing Apple products, and are able to support Apple desktops, sync iPhone and iPads with Exchange servers, and ensure Apple technology works flawlessly with generic PCs.

Whatever you need – from total bespoke outsourcing, to one-off technology support for events – Twilight Zone Engineering can make the stress of IT management completely disappear.

The benefits of working with us

  • Expert knowledge on-hand whenever you need it
  • No need to invest in staff training
  • Stay completely up-to-date with the latest upgrades
  • Choice of long and short-term contracts and SLAs, or just buy what you need on an ad-hoc basis
  • No holiday downtime
  • No NI and PAYE
  • Totally managed team

European PGA Tour

When the Property division of the European PGA Tour needed to change their approach to spectator engagement, they spoke to Twilight Zone.

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“They have been a tremendous support over the years, through the changes in technology and advancements in the services provided by the studio.”
Stuart Mcdonald, Studio Manager, Carphone Warehouse
Stuart Mcdonald, Studio Manager, Carphone Warehouse
“As the company has expanded over the years, Twilight Zone has constantly recommended the optimum solutions for every scenario we have thrown at them and have never failed to deliver on a promise that they have made to us.”
Sir Charles Dunstone
Sir Charles Dunstone