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AV installation Services and Consultancy for property developers, architects and interior designers.

We work seamlessly with other businesses in the property industry so they can offer their clients excellent technology services.

In the modern digital world, many industries are expected to integrate with specialist IT as part of their business, yet not every profession has in-house experts who can deliver an often complex set of requirements.

From housing developers and high-end property specialists, to architects and interior designers, we can provide a tailored approach that gives your company the edge over your rivals.

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Elite housing developers

We can advise on IT and audio/visual installation that ensures your properties are the most technologically desirable on the market. Choose from an ‘a la carte’ style menu of options that allows you to fine-tune exactly what each room should have, from HD TV to complex speaker systems.


We complement your expertise by advising on the very latest gadgets that will work perfectly with your designs, and can mark up drawings with installation information that will guide sub-contractors during construction for a flawless result.

High-end property specialists

We are here to help you meet the needs of cash-rich, time-poor buyers who want a seamless transition between properties, providing a dedicated team to move and re-install all their digital items from house to house.

Interior designers

We understand that great design is not just about the look of a property, but how people interact with it, so we can advise on the right technology that helps ensure the home is perfect for living.

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Industry accreditation

We are full members of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).


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The benefits of working with us

  • Expert knowledge on the latest technology that you haven’t got time to develop yourself
  • Concentrate on your core talents, and out-source the rest to us
  • Elevate your offering to clients that puts you steps ahead of the competition
  • Small mistakes at the design stage can become very costly further down the line – we help you get it right first time
  • People love technology and hate to be left without it – we give them (and you) peace of mind

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“Twilight zone did a fantastic job of bringing perfect Wi-Fi speeds to a large house and garden for me with no hassle whatsoever. They are highly professional and do exactly what they say they’re going to do on time and on budget.”
Sasha Todorovic, Hampstead
Sasha Todorovic, Hampstead