20 years of comprehensive specialist support for a leading London architecture practice.

The story

Chassay+Last Architects are one of our longest business partners. We have been with them uninterrupted for close to two decades, including handling their move from a small office to a new HQ within a chic industrial warehouse in Primrose Hill. They are very much premium architects, and they expect an outsourced support contract to match.

The challenge

Architects have more reason than most for wanting the very best support engineering. Their industry relies on computer-aided design (CAD) technology, while legal requirements mean every single file they create and every email they send must be stored for years.

Chassay+Last didn’t want engineers with a one-size-fits-all approach. Theirs is a niche industry, so they wanted experts who would have an intimate understanding of their specialist technical requirements.

The solution

The architects outsource all their hardware and software requirements to TZE. We have been with them as they have grown from a staff of just six, to a practice of up to 30 architects during peak demand, providing specialist support to ensure they meet the exacting standards of a very technical profession.

This includes full support for their CAD stations, email and image servers, which all need to be robust enough to handle huge file sizes. Crucially, we also manage all file back-up. This is a particular challenge for architecture practices, as the industry is required to document and store everything they do for at least seven years for insurance purposes. They have to be absolutely confident that their data is safe, and they trust us to make sure it is.

The business relies on us to advise about software and hardware, install, configure, maintain and periodically upgrade everything they use, to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of their profession.

Services provided

Apple file servers, email servers, networks and wifi, workstations, image database servers, CAD, back-up.


Chassay+Last Architects is a large practice engaged on a wide variety of projects primarily in London, yet with a global reputation. Their work covers all aspects of urban design, architecture and interior design, and major projects include buildings listed Grade I and Grade II for their historic importance.

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