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Creating the perfect working environment for the world-beating businesses of tomorrow.

Sir Charles Dunstone set up the Freston Ventures office in Freston Road as an incubator for exciting new ideas and developing businesses. Based on the edge of Notting Hill, the office provides 80 spaces to enable them to realise their vision.

The story

Entrepreneurs need somewhere inspiring to work on their latest ventures. The Carphone Warehouse Group PLC and TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC Chairman Sir Charles Dunstone created exactly such a place and asked TZE to handle the entire IT infrastructure.

The challenge

Innovation is unpredictable by definition. Sir Charles wanted to create a space that would nurture new talent, while fuelling his passion for the technology of tomorrow.

Freston Ventures office was set up as a place where ideas could grow organically with support engineering that could handle such an unpredictable, fast-moving environment. A new entrepreneur could move in at a moment’s notice, and all the IT needed to be in place so they could start immediately.

The solution

Sir Charles entrusts TZE to handle all IT for his own incubator businesses in London’s Notting Hill. We worked alongside a suite of vendors to create a centre that caters for 80 workstations, presentation rooms, meeting area and break-out spaces.

It was essential that everything worked absolutely seamlessly. The environment needed to be highly flexible so that whatever the business working from Freston Road, they can hit the ground running. They have everything they need from hour one of day one, instant access to internet and phone lines, without any downtime for set up.

We provide both onsite engineering one-day a week, and of course continual remote support. The latter is something we know inside out after being one of the very first to offer remote login many years before it became commonplace.

Services provided

Windows server, PC and Mac desktops, IP & mobile telephone support and configuration, iOS, internet, wireless, cloud-based email, workstation installation, IT configuration and on-going support.

Freston Ventures

Sir Charles Dunstone set up Freston Ventures as an incubator for what he sees as the most exciting ideas in the world of business. Based on the edge of Notting Hill, his offices provide space for 80 entrepreneurs, giving them everything they need from a workplace to enable them to realise their vision.

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