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Giving top executives the specialist technology support they need to perform a the highest level – whenever and wherever they need it.

Executive man using an iPadBoard level executives haven’t got time to worry about their technology. They rely on being connected to their business around the clock, whether they’re in the office, or on the other side of the world.

That’s why we offer a dedicated service supporting top level management needs both at the office and in their homes. This ensures that high profile personnel have a single point of access ready to deal with any digital issue, without having to rely on a sometimes stretched in-house IT team.

9am-9pm support for VIPs

We give our VIPs 9am to 9pm support, seven days a week, including scheduled visits based on agreed SLAs. We carry out reactive and preventative maintenance onsite, along with telephone and remote access support, offering system installs, migrations and upgrades.

Everything is tailored to ensuring that no matter where they are, VIPs benefit from a smooth transition between office and home worker environments.

“The support provided has been fantastic, always felt very personalised and truly 24/7. The team know that I will only call in an emergency, but when I do, I have their full support.” Christine Cross

The benefits of working with us

  • Organisations can ensure their in-house support caters for the main workforce, confident the VIPs will never be left waiting because of other demands
  • VIPs know they will have dedicated help without draining company resources
  • Cover for both desktop and iOS devices
  • Fast resolution of operating system and application failures

Christine CrossChristine Cross

Total peace of mind for a VIP global retail expert who needs flawless IT wherever she is in the world.

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